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RoseAnn Kelley, C.Ht.

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I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist in private practice for the past 24 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and English from The Ohio State University, and a Certification in Hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivation Institute.


I specialize in Behavior Modification and Habit Reconditioning, utilizing hypnosis as a natural means to address a multitude of issues. Throughout my years of professional experience, Hypnotherapy has consistently been a highly effective alternative modality to help people break bad habits and replace them with new, healthy habits.

Hypnotherapy helps people lose weight, eat better, reduce anxiety and depression, overcome fears and phobias, quit biting fingernails, stop addictive behaviors and overcome chemical dependencies with drugs and alcohol. I offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your personal goals and how Hypnotherapy can benefit you.


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